Roulette Myths Exposed

Roulette Myths Exposed

Roulette is easily one of the most popular casino games. If you’ve ever been to a casino, chances are you’ve found yourself standing in front of the roulette wheel at some point.

After all, roulette has been one of the biggest draw cards for casinos over the past two centuries, and has been romanticised in many movies. It’s no wonder there are so many popular roulette myths as a result! Lets take a look at the myths that have arisen, and uncover the truth!

Myth 1 – Roulette Results Can be Predicted

Sadly no one can predict the results of a roulette game, unless they can see into the future. The spin of each game and the results thereof are not determined what what went before, nor by what comes after. In online roulette, RNG (Random Number Generators) are used to ensure that the results are completely unpredictable, unbiased and always fair. In a land-based casino the wheel may become worn over time, and if croupiers notice this, a new wheel is installed to ensure the results are never favouring one way or another.

Myth 2 – All Roulette Wheels are Identical

This is an easy half-truth to buy into, but is nevertheless a myth – and in more ways than one!

Not only will roulette wheels be exposed to different levels of wear-and-tear through individual use (resulting in the above-mentioned number bias), but even two roulette wheels of the same model made on the same day by the same person will perform differently on the day of manufacture. Of course, at the time the difference is so minuscule that it’s not worth mentioning, but by the time those wheels have been spun a few times professionals will already be able to pick up on their subtleties.

This phenomenon is so widespread that it even has its own term – the wheel signature and it’s something casinos and professionals alike keep their eye out for.

Myth 3 – Due Numbers/Due Colours

Another very common roulette myth is the idea that the numbers and/or colours previously hit will have an effect on future hits, whether it be as repeats or simply because no ball has landed on them in a while during the roulette session.

Although the number bias and wheel signature can have some effect on recurring numbers or a favoured colour, casinos carefully recalibrate and repair their roulette wheels on a semi-regular basis. So-called cold numbers that haven’t been hit aren’t more likely to come up just because they’re due, and although the wheel signature can lead to patterns it’s not likely that these will ever be so clear cut as “five blacks in a row followed by two reds” or “every second uneven number in a row”. In fact, you’d probably have to consider the past thousand spins to get a good idea of the number bias!

So for all intents and purposes, previous numbers and colours cannot predict future outcomes with any exactitude, and cold numbers equalling due numbers is pure roulette myth no matter how you look at it.

4 – Effective Roulette Betting Systems

Last on our list of roulette myths is the bet stake system.

Many novices buy into the idea that roulette betting systems are a sure ‘get rich quick’ method, and will spend good money on these systems. However, this myth was busted several decades ago and has since come to considered the least effective way to play roulette.

As in most cases, many roulette myths may have their own truthful origins. But times have changed, and while it was relatively easier for back operators and players to tamper with the roulette wheel 50 years ago, casinos have since enforced stricter regulation – not only to protect themselves, but more importantly to ensure that every player has a fair chance of becoming a winner.