Stormin 7’s

Stormin 7’s Online Slot Game

Stormin 7’s is an Ainsworth Gaming Technology powered online slot with five reels, three rows and one hundred pay lines. There is a casino game theme portrayed in the symbols that include images like dollar signs, piles of cash, diamonds, playing cards, dice and poker chips. As usual the high value playing card icons are present on the reels as lower paying symbols.

Stormin 7’s has wilds, a re-spin feature with multipliers and a free spins round that is played on a different reel setup. Up to one hundred pay lines may be selected with betting options starting at 0.01.

The Golden Dollar Wild Symbol

The standard wild symbol on the Stormin 7’s online slot reels is represented by the golden dollar sign. The golden dollar sign will only be seen landing on reels three, four and five during the paid games only.

The golden dollar sign may substitute any of the standard reel symbols and not the scatter symbol. When a golden dollar sign wild symbol is involved in a win it is paid out according to the substituted symbols value and the pay line bet. There are no pay outs for golden dollar sign only combinations.

Scatter Symbol and Free Spins Feature

The large diamond symbols act as the Stormin 7’s online slot scatters. These are the only symbols that pay all ways and do not need to line up left to right. Three, four or five of them pay out scatter wins and trigger the free spins feature.

Ten free spins are given for three or more diamond scatter symbols. These are played immediately with the triggering bet but they are played on a different set of reels with a different pay table.

While the feature is in play all golden dollar sign wild symbols become scatters and five of them will award another five free spins. As a wild the dollar sign will also substitute all other symbols, apart from the Stormin 7’s symbol which is a new addition for this feature.

This logo symbol becomes an extra wild during the feature and appears on reels two, three and four. It will then substitute all symbols apart from the golden dollar sign. If the logo appears on two or three reels at the same time the re-spin feature is activated.

The Re-Spin Bonus Feature Explained

The reels containing the logo symbols are re-spun while the others remain in place. The re-spin feature offers two additional wild symbols, the Stormin x2 and the Stormin x3. These appear on the second and fourth reels respectively and both substitute all symbols except for the golden dollar sign. If involved in a win these symbols multiply wins by 2x or 3x depending on which of the two is involved. If however both are involved in a win then the win is multiplied by 6x.

The Stormin 7’s symbol only appears on the middle three rows and will substitute all symbols apart from the dollar sign, the x2 and x3 symbols. There is no possibility of triggering more free spins or re-spins during this feature.

Poker review


The Benefits of Using a Poker Review

When poker moved online during the 1990’s, it wasn’t long before online poker games had a substantial following of players. Online poker is a more flexible and convenient version of regular land-based poker, allowing players to play anywhere with their computers, smartphones and tablets.

Today, there is a wide variety of poker games and online poker rooms on the web. This can be intimidating for beginners, as they might not know how to choose the best online poker room. For these players, using a poker review will help them find poker rooms with quality games, signup bonuses, banking methods and other beneficial features.

Certified and Licensed Poker Rooms

The quality of a poker room’s software is the first thing players can learn by consulting a poker review. Reviews will tell players about the safety and security of the site’s software, as well as whether or not it is licensed and certified.

It’s always recommended that players play poker at a certified online poker room, as they are more likely to experience fair winning potential and fast cash-outs. By using a poker review, players can also find out if their poker room offers downloadable software, whether they can play from their browsers, or both.

Selection of Poker Games and Stakes

Another important factor that can be learned from a poker review is how many poker games a site offers. Some online poker rooms offer a wider selection of games than others, and some include games that are designed for new players, high rollers and even professionals.

A poker review will tell players more about the kind of games a poker room offers, as well as the developers who created the games in question. Details can be found about these games’ graphics and animations, and the ranges of stakes may be listed to help players choose a game that suits their budget.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

A poker room’s banking methods may also be a factor to consider for first-time players. Every poker room offers a different selection of banking and withdrawal options, some of which may cater specifically to players from a certain region.

Consulting a poker review will tell players more about a site’s credit card, bank transfer and eWallet options, allowing them to select a room with banking options that suit them. Along with banking methods, a poker review will also contain details about a site’s customer support. Players can also find out how to contact them via email, call or live chat.

Online Poker Bonuses and Tournaments

Signup bonuses are usually one of the first features players look at when choosing an online poker room to play at. Every site offers its own unique signup bonuses and promotions, and many also have loyalty programmes that award players extra points for playing poker regularly.

A poker review will provide all the information players need on their site’s signup bonuses, as well as the terms and conditions that govern how they use the bonus. Details on the site’s poker tournaments, giveaways and promotions will also be offered to help players choose a quality poker room online.

Plenty on Twenty

Plenty on Twenty

Plenty on Twenty slot by Novomatic features five reels and twenty paylines and has a fun and lighthearted fruit theme.

This slot is bright and colourful and boasts a three dimensional animated style which uses colours typically associated with certain fruits or classic slot symbols to highlight the reels.

In the background of this slot, the player can see a simple green to black gradient. There are small accents in each of the four corners. It might not seem like much, but this slot is meant to be a throwback a time when slots were much less flashy, much more straight forward, and did not necessarily have the elaborate themes and graphics that modern online slot players are used to today.

To the left and the right of the reels, the player can see the various paylines that they can utilise in order to win money. They are multi-coloured and individually numbered so they are quite easy to tell apart. The numbers range from one to twenty. Below the reels, the player is given several betting options as well as some general information about the online slot and its bonuses.

The lines being bet and the player’s bet per line can be individually adjusted by using the plus and minus arrows. The player can also see the total credits that they currently have available as well as their total bet. There is also a paytable, start and autoplay button. The number of autoplays can be adjusted from one to fifty by use of the plus and minus buttons.

Plenty on Twenty Slot Symbols

The symbols that make up Plenty on Twenty consist of a mix of classic slot symbols as well as some other fruits. The three lowest paying symbols are a bright yellow lemon with red lipstick, a pair of goofy looking red cherries and a smiling orange with green eyes. These symbols pay five hundred for five, one hundred for four and fifty for three matching symbols.


The next two symbols are the green striped watermelon and the purple grape with cool glasses. These symbols pay one thousand for five, two hundred for four, and one hundred for three. The next symbol is a golden bell that’s hanging from a pole. This symbol pays two thousand for five, four hundred for four, and one hundred for three.

The wild symbol is the red, smiling seven. This symbol can substitute for all other symbols expect the scatter. It pays five thousand for five, two thousand for four and two hundred for three. The final symbol is the scatter symbol. This symbol is a gold star and will pay the player fifty thousand for five, two thousand for four and five hundred for three matching symbols.

Plenty on Twenty Gamble Feature

While this slot does not have a bonus feature, it does have a gambling feature that the player can choose to utilise.

In this gambling feature, the player must predict the colour of the next card to be pulled out of a virtual deck. If the player gets it correct, they will double their money. If the player gets the colour wrong, they will be returned to the base game without the winnings that they just gambled on.

Play Your Casino Favourites in Style at EuroGrand Online Casino

Play Your Casino Favourites in Style at EuroGrand Online Casino

Online casino gaming seems to be one of those industries that will experience some form of growth for many years to come. The reason for this is that there is so much time, money and dedication put into this craft, on both the players and the operators ends, so that there is always a reason for either end to grow and evolve or, in the case of the players, to find and locate new and exciting offers. This is why top casinos have slogans like Play Your Casino Favourites in Style at EuroGrand Online Casino, because in order for the operation to work correctly, both sides of this metaphorical coin need to be aware of the situation and what is available.

The EuroGrand Online Casino does have a lot going on at their site, with many different types of casino game as well quality graphics, a somewhat cluttered but coherent and easily navigable home page and layout and otherwise a whole lot more. So whether the players find themselves residing somewhere in Europe or even around the world in countries that allow such exploits, the result to take away is that to play your Casino Favourites in Style at EuroGrand Online Casino requires but a few moments to login.

The Style and Offer at EuroGrand Casino

As mentioned above, online casino gaming is a rapidly evolving and growing industry, even today. For this reason this online casino may appear quite chocked full of different components and aspects, in an attempt to keep up with the latest offers as well as provide the players with a broad range so as to allow all sorts of players a solid gaming opportunity. The title Play Your Casino Favourites in Style at EuroGrand Online Casino tends to make more sense after this, and once experienced also tends to be proven true.


When choosing to play your Casino Favourites in Style at EuroGrand Online Casino though it helps to know just exactly what forms of gaming are on offer and from these which to potentially choose. Of the available games at this online casino there are of course the usual suspects like top table games and slots. There are also other various gaming options however and even the standard ones offer some additional availability and reward. In this regard the most notable are the list of progressive jackpots that this casino has on offer and has also taken the liberty to display them all boldly on that over encumbered front page of theirs.

Other EuroGrand Offers and Closing Conclusion

The games are cool and tie in with the title of Play Your Casino Favourites in Style at EuroGrand Online Casino quite well. But playing anything in style requires confidence and for players to be able to game with confidence they need to feel safe and secure as well as trusting toward the online casino involved. This online casino, as big and cumbersome as it is, has demarcated large quantities of its efforts to preserve such a peace of mind for the players, across the security aspects, banking options and even the occasional bonus.

All in all, if you play your Casino Favourites in Style at EuroGrand Online Casino it should make for a substantial and ultimately sophisticated experience.

Play with one of the World’s Biggest and Best Online Casino Brands at 888 Casino

Play with one of the World’s Biggest and Best Online Casino Brands at 888 Casino

Online casino gaming has been around for around two decades now and for the most part this generalised offering has involved the online casino 888. This is because the online casino itself was opened as early as 1997 and has only grown since then becoming the popular and trusted group it has become today. Play with one of the World’s Biggest and Best Online Casino Brands at 888 Casino because over these years that is exactly what this casino has become, and with over 25 million players to have graced its online halls, this is pretty evident. Definitely a top casino this site is also highly certified, trustable and otherwise well licensed.

The games encountered when players play with one of the World’s Biggest and Best Online Casino Brands at 888 Casino are understandably broad reaching and with a high standard of quality. With the amount of players that this casino has looking to it the offering is also continuously growing, improving and updating the games available as they can. But there are other aspects to a well-rounded online casino, though here again it is probably pretty safe to assume that this top 888 Casino has got these aspects pretty sorted.

Analysis of the Online 888 Casino Offering

The online casino market is actually pretty cutthroat, with a goodly number of these casino sites not managing to stay above water for very long due to the competitive nature of the industry and platform. So when an online casino such as this one can state that not only has it been around and survived as long as it has but that it has also managed, in that time, to become kind of an example of how to setup online casinos. This bodes well for the players looking to play with one of the World’s Biggest and Best Online Casino Brands at 888 Casino.

On the topic of games, there are several different categories that this online casino has set them all into. These include the likes of table games, blackjack games, roulette games, slots, both classic and video, as well as even live dealer games. These are fairly loosely set out but come with a range of variety to be found within. This is especially the case with the slot gaming as this type of gaming is constantly growing and generating new forms of the game.

The security, safety as well as banking are also all handled well when players play with one of the World’s Biggest and Best Online Casino Brands at 888 Casino. Additionally these games are offered across multiple platforms and with quality systems and software behind it so not only do the games run smoothly but the transfers and transactions go quickly too.

Bonuses and Conclusion of 888 Casino

There are also a handful of bonuses on offer to players that play with one of the World’s Biggest and Best Online Casino Brands at 888 Casino. These include welcome bonuses and more, though the welcome bonuses on offer here aren’t as rewarding as some other online casinos. That being said, the pay outs and returns from the majority of the games at this online casino are pretty lucrative, so even if there are smaller bonuses upfront, it may make up for it further down the line. Overall it may be advisable to at least try and play with one of the World’s Biggest and Best Online Casino Brands at 888 Casino.

Play with one of the UK’s Biggest Land Based Gaming Brands at Grosvenor Casino

Play with one of the UK’s Biggest Land Based Gaming Brands at Grosvenor Casino

Playing at land based casinos, whilst not as easily accessible perhaps as those online, still offers players a really unique experience with their casino gaming action. For those within the UK there are several land based options through which to explore but one thing these players should also do, if they haven’t already, is play with one of the UK’s Biggest Land Based Gaming Brands at Grosvenor Casino. But even with the unique appeal that the land based variant has to offer, turning a blind eye to the possibilities online could be to the detriment of all involved. As such this Grosvenor Casino has also put itself and several of its top titles into the ether so players can also play these games online and from anywhere in the UK.

On top of this diversification of casino gaming there are also several aspects included to the final offering when players play with one of the UK’s Biggest Land Based Gaming Brands at Grosvenor Casino online. These include of course the range of casino games, the security features and banking support and even the bonuses that these top groups enjoy spoiling their players with.

The Complete Grosvenor Casino Online Package

There is often some hesitation when attempting a transition of platform because there are many moving parts involved, a majority of which is based on consumer demand, a tricky thing to appease at the best of times. Play with one of the UK’s Biggest Land Based Gaming Brands at Grosvenor Casino online though and players will find that this group made the transition regarding its land based offering onto the internet pretty well.

Some of the games that the UK players may be familiar with also made it onto the online platform to a degree, with the rest of the games on offer online coming from top developers like Playtech, IGT and Cryptologic. Due to their variety of developers there are plenty of different gaming options and styles allowing players access to the likes of top table games, slots and more. Since this group has been predominantly land based there is also a well oriented live dealer section of gaming on offer, with some of the more land based feeling interactive action online.

There are also some solid security features to be found when players play with one of the UK’s Biggest Land Based Gaming Brands at Grosvenor Casino online, which coupled with the trustable licensing and regulatory systems employed make for a rather comfortable online atmosphere where player peace of mind is preserved.

Rewarded with Bonuses at Grosvenor Casino Online


Even the land based casino groups turned online casino sites requires a few bonus features for the players both old and new attending this offering. Play with one of the UK’s Biggest Land Based Gaming Brands at Grosvenor Casino online and discover welcome bonuses as well as some decent continual bonuses that enact themselves throughout the experience. In fact players already members of any of the land based casinos operated by this group can enter their information in the online casino and be afforded some potentially better treatment based on their land based track record.

Huge Rewards for both Casual and Dedicated Players at Casino Las Vegas

Huge Rewards for Casino Las Vegas Players

There are huge rewards for both casual and dedicated players at Casino Las Vegas. This online casino has been in operation since 1996, making it one of the oldest and most well-established casinos on the web today.

Casino Las Vegas is owned by ElectraWorks Limited and managed by Global Gaming Net, an experienced casino management company. The site places an emphasis on the safety of its players, and players who are concerned about safety can see the casino’s official documentation on return to player percentages, which is updated every month.

Casino Las Vegas Licensing and Registration

Casino Las Vegas is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and regulated under the jurisdiction of Gibraltar, making it a fully licensed and certified site. This online casino is known for regularly updating their range of online slots and casino games for its players.

Players can download the Casino Las Vegas platform directly onto their PCs or play online via their web browsers, and a mobile casino app is also available for players with mobile phones and tablets.

Playtech Software and Casino Games

Casino Las Vegas is powered by Playtech software, and the casino also offers a wide range of this developer’s games. Players at the site will find Playtech’s online slots, roulette, blackjack, poker games and more, as well as a number of games that contain progressive jackpots.

As Playtech releases their latest casino games, the casino also updates its collection, offering huge rewards for both casual and dedicated players at Casino Las Vegas. All of the casino games at the site are also independently audited and embedded with RNG technology, ensuring that players can experience a fair chance of winning.

Secure Systems and Online Banking Options

Casino Las Vegas’ security systems are also provided by Playtech to keep players safe while they bank online. The casino contains the latest encryption and firewall protocols, and is also accredited by Technical Systems Testing. Casino Las Vegas players can use trusted bank transfers, credit cards and eWallets to deposit funds into their player accounts.

Players at the site can also contact customer support at any time should they have an issue or a query. Casino Las Vegas customer support staff are fully trained, and can be reached via telephone, email or live chat.

Extended Welcome Match Bonuses

As well as huge rewards for both casual and dedicated players at Casino Las Vegas, players will also be awarded a number of bonuses as they play. When a player signs up at the casino, they will receive an extended welcome match bonus over their first 4 deposits.

Daily deposit bonuses and promotions are also available, as well as a special dedicated high roller bonus plan for VIP players. In addition to all of this, Casino Las Vegas also rewards its players for using certain payment methods like Paysafecard and WebMoney.

VIP Loyalty Club and Promotions Calendar

Casino Las Vegas also offers a VIP Loyalty Club for their players. Here, huge rewards for both casual and dedicated players at Casino Las Vegas are on offer, as players can progress through various VIP levels to claim bonuses and promotions.

As well as the loyalty club, the casino also releases a monthly promotions calendar to remind their players of upcoming bonuses and promotional offers.

Huge Prizes and a 98% Pay Out Rate for US Players at Win A Day Casino

Win A Day Casino for US Players

Win A Day Casino is an online casino that caters specifically to the needs of players from the US. Launched in 2007, Win A Day is a no download casino that offers a variety of real money online casino games.

This casino does not operate like a traditional web-based casino site, but is instead backed by its sister casino, Slotland Online Casino, which has been in operation since 1998. Both Win A Day Casino and Slotland Casino are part of the Slotland Entertainment Group, a company which designs and uses their own proprietary online casino software.

Huge Prizes and a 98% Payout Rate

There are huge prizes and a 98% pay out rate for US players at Win A Day Casino. This casino offers a number of services for its players, including a range of online casino games that can be played 24 hours a day on any day of the year.

US players at Win A Day Casino can also contact customer support services at any time, should they need help with resolving any gaming-related queries. The casino’s customer support team can be contacted via email and a live chat facility.

Online Slots, Keno, Poker and Roulette

All of Win A Day Casino’s casino games and software have been designed in-house by their own team of developers. As such, all of this casino’s games are completely unique, and can only be found at online casinos owned and operated by Slotland Entertainment Group.

As well as a large collection of proprietary online slots, US players will also find keno, roulette and online poker to play at Win A Day Casino.

Safe and Regulated Online Casino Games

Win A Day’s unique game software offers players a 98% payout rate, and each of their games is audited to ensure that US players can enjoy fair winning potential. Each game also contains RNG that randomises the outcome of every spin or round.

There is no need to download any casino games or software either, as all of Win A Day’s software runs on a Flash platform. Players can simply visit the casino from their internet browsers in order to play online.

Welcome Bonuses and VIP Rewards

As well as huge prizes and a 98% pay out rate for US players at Win A Day Casino, a number of casino bonuses are also on offer. US players at Win A Day will be awarded an extended match bonus when they register a new casino account, receiving bonuses over their first few deposits. Win A Day Casino also offers weekly deposit match bonuses for US players, giving them extra bonus casino cash whenever they top up the funds in their player accounts.

A VIP rewards programme is also available at Win A Day to any real money casino player. In this programme, players can progress through various VIP levels to claim larger rewards and promotions. The programme starts at the Bronze level and ends at the Platinum level, which is by invitation only.

Huge Financial Growth for Amaya Gaming

Huge Financial Growth for Amaya Gaming

Amaya Gaming, also known as Amaya Incorporated, is a Canadian-based company with headquarters located in Montreal. Amaya specialises in the gaming and iGaming industries, particularly in the field of online poker gaming.

Since 2013, there has been huge financial growth for Amaya Gaming, as well as several new ventures and company acquisitions. A year later in 2014, the company purchased the parent company of Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars, which officially made Amaya the largest publicly listed online gaming company in the world.

Amaya’s 2013 Growth in Revenue

One of Amaya’s most successful years was during 2013. In this year, the company experienced substantial financial growth, and their third quarter figures reflected a growth of almost 120% in their year on year takings.

David Baazov, the CEO of Amaya Gaming, commented that the company’s third quarter in 2013 was immense as they took steps into the US online gaming market for the first time. He hinted that this move would be an opportunity for growth in Amaya’s online business, especially as real money online gaming from Amaya had just been successfully launched in New Jersey. He also estimated that Amaya would grow quickly in the US, which proved accurate in following years.

Acquisition of PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker

2014 saw Amaya Gaming taking over both PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker, a move which effectively boosted their revenues yet again. Amaya’s 2014 to 2015 period showed a revenue growth of 8%, with real money online poker constituting as much as 78% of these takings.

In this year, David Baazov again commented, saying that the company had diversified their operations while maintaining their market dominance in the poker industry. The year saw much positive growth for the company, and poker revenues continued to climb into the third quarter.

Amaya’s First Quarter Revenues in 2016

So far in 2016, huge financial growth for Amaya Gaming has again been on the table. In this year’s first quarter, the company experienced an 11% drop in their total revenues from online poker pursuits. However, their total revenue has continued to grow, climbing from $272.3 million to $288.7 million – a 6% year on year increase compared to the first quarter of 2015.

Amaya Gaming’s 2016 first quarter report states that the change in casino revenue experienced was due to the expansion of the company into new jurisdictions. Amaya also continued to roll out products on their PokerStars platform which added to their expenses, which included online slot games from third-party providers.

Amaya Gaming’s Future Endeavours

Amaya mentioned in the report that their total poker revenue came to $73.6 million in April alone, which was almost identical to takings from the same game in April of 2015. They also theorised that May’s profits are typically boosted by the Spring Championship of Online Poker festival held by PokerStars, which they suspected would be the case during 2016’s second quarter as well.

According to the Interim Chief Executive Officer of Amaya, the company’s strategies going forward include attracting new players to PokerStars, introducing changes to the site to improve players’ overall poker experience, and expanding their online casino and online sportsbook offerings.

Hot Shot

Hot Shot Online Slots

Hot Shot Online Slots is a combination of some of the most popular online slots games ever developed.  Blazing Sevens, Triple Jackpot Blazing Sevens and Diamond Line are but a few of the online slots games that intermix to create an online slots nostalgia masterpiece.

Hot Shot features 5 reels and 20 paylines.

Hot Shot Symbols  

In keeping with the winning combination of successful themes, symbols include all the familiar classics: single 7’s, double 7’s and blazing 7’s, bars, double bars, bells, cherries and dollar signs.  Hot Shot does not feature any wild symbols, but scatters are aplenty.

Hot Shot Scatter Symbols

Hot Shot features no less than 5 different scatter symbols, all comprising of the logo of the five seperate games that they represent.  The games represented are Blazing Sevens, Triple Jackpot Blazing Sevens, Double Jackpot Triple Blazing Sevens, Blazing Sevens 7X Play and Diamond Line.

Hot Shot Game In Game Bonus Feature

Landing a combination of 3 or more matching game logo symbols will result in the logos forming new reels, and creating the unique Game In Game bonus feature.  These newly formed reels are the keys that unlock the doors to winning one or more of the progressive jackpots.  Hot Shot features 5 different progressive jackpots, each representative of one of the 5 building-block games.   Progressive jackpot payouts range from 10 to 10 000 credits.

Hot Shot Semi-Autoplay Mode

A player can opt to pre-select a specific number of automatic spins, ranging from 5 to 15 times.

Old-School Graphics And Sound Effects

Besides the obvious similarities to the old classics, such as the Liberty Bell and Lucky Number Sevens symbols, even the style of the graphics and the FX-quality sound effects remind strongly of all the old familiars.

The reels are engulfed by a fiery backdrop of blazing flames, again in keeping with the very heart of the classics of yesteryear.

Play Hot Shot For Real Money Or For Free

Hot Shot is available to be played for free or for real money.

User-Friendly Interface

Game directives and options for play are clear and self-explanatory.  Bets may be placed in increments of 1 credit up to 1000 credits.  This is likely to draw a wide variety of players.

Hot Shot Mobile Version

A mobile version of Hot Shot online slots is available to players accessing the online slots game from an iPad.

The mobile version is very similar to the online version, and even presents with a number of extra features, such as being able to post game progress to social media platforms, in order to compare with the progress of other players or making use of the Locate Function, informing the player of nearby casinos offering the land-based version of Hot Shot slots.

Despite the simple and almost vintage feel of the game, it has definitely not lost its sense of appeal.  If nothing else, the familiar symbols serve to remind of past winnings, egging players on to keep on engaging in the playing of all the old classics.