Casino betting online

Casino Betting Online Explained

In the past the only way to play casino games was to go to a brick and mortar casino, or an organised event in which casino games were allowed to be played. Not all events allowed betting on the games however, that was mostly reserved for brick and mortar casinos. In the 1990’s the Internet became one of the most popular ways to transfer information in the world. With this transfer of information came the ability to play games online as well. Casino owners and casino game developers noticed this niche in the market, and began to design and develop games specifically for the online world.

Thus casino betting online was born. Today players from all over the world as well as the USA can access an online casino with simply an internet connection and suitable device. Recently this became even easier as pretty much everyone now has access to a mobile device. The mobile device revolution means that casino betting online can now be done from anywhere as long as you have an internet signal.

Where To Do Casino Betting Online

There are a number of different kinds of online casinos that allow players to access casino betting online. When choosing a casino you need to decide which kind of device you are planning to use. This can be either a computer such as a desktop or laptop, or a mobile device. Different online casinos are aimed at different devices to ensure that you have the best experience that they can possibly provide with casino betting online.

These establishments can be found by simply going on the internet using your web browser and searching for online casino. A vast number will come up, and it is up to the player to choose which one of these will suit their needs the best. Casinos offering play for both real money and free money are available, just be sure to select one that allows payers from your region to participate.

Types of Casino Games

When wanting to make use of Casino betting online, you may wonder what kind of games you can play. The simple answer is pretty much any game that you can imagine. Players in the USA have access to a multitude of different game types. One of the most popular games used for casino betting online is slot machines. These have long been favourites of players in brick and mortar casinos, but now can be accessed right in your own living room. Many different kinds of slots can be found on the internet, from more traditional fruit machines to games which have second screen bonus rounds and high end animations.

Table games of course are also popular for casino betting online. Games such as Poker, Blackjack and Baccarat can all be accessed via an online casino. Different varieties of these games can also be found meaning that there is something for all players tastes.

How to Do Casino Betting Online

Casino betting online is as easy as placing a bet in a brick and mortar casino. Simply find the casino that you would like to use, and create an account with them. Once you have done this, deposit a certain amount of money into your account to begin playing games. The casino lobby will have a list of all the games that they offer. Click on a game, place a wager, and begin to play.

The Joy Of Six

The Joy Of Six Online Slots

It certainly is an exciting event to discover an online slot game featuring one’s favourite theme.  Even better yet, is discovering one that features one’s favourite casino table game.  The Joy Of Six is exactly that – an online slot based on the classic table game, Craps.

The game of Craps is a simple but enjoyable one.  Players take turns rolling two dice.  The player rolling the dice at any given time is called the Shooter.  The Shooter must bet the table minimum bet.  Craps is played in two stages – the Come Out phase and the Point phase.

In order for the round to start, the Shooter rolls the two dice.  If the values are 2, 3 or 12, the round ends.  The Shooter is said to have “crapped out”, hence the name of the game.  If however, the value is 7 or 11, the players win.  The Shooter then continues to roll the dice – until such time as he rolls a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10.  This number becomes the point value, ushering in the Point phase.

In the event that the Shooter rolls a point number during the Point phase, it constitutes a win for the players.  If however, a 7 is rolled, it ends the round, and the players lose.

Microgaming has developed Craps into a slot game, aptly named The Joy Of Six.  The Joy Of Six can be played for free or for real money.  Pre-play registration is not required when playing for free, as the game is available in instant flash mode.

The Joy Of Six Online Video Slot Symbols

The Joy Of Six features 5 reels and 30 paylines.  The paylines are not fixed, and any number of paylines may be activated for a specific round.  The more paylines selected, the better your chance at winning.  Special features include a Free Spins Bonus Game and the optional Gamble Feature.

Reel symbols include a mouth-watering cocktail, a stack of casino chips, a pair of dice and a female dealer.  The themed symbols are the higher value paying symbols.  Standard playing cards represent the lower value paying symbols.  The playing cards add to the charm of the casino table feel of the game.

The Joy Of Six features a wild as well as a scatter symbol.  The dice represent the wild symbol and the croupier the scatter.  Whenever the wild completes a winning combination, the win for that round is doubled up.

The Joy Of Six Free Spins Bonus Game

The croupier scatter symbol is the key to unlocking the Free Spins Bonus Game.  Whenever 3 or more scatters are landed anywhere on the game’s reels, the Free Spins Bonus Game will be activated.  The reward for this feat is 15 free games.

The wild symbol also makes an appearance during the Free Spins Bonus Game.  Instead of the usual x2 multiplier, wins may now be multiplied by up to six times the bet amount.

The Joy Of Six does not feature a progressive jackpot payout, but the free games and multipliers certainly make up for this.

The Jazz Club

The Jazz Club Online Slots

Whether it’s the pure rhythm and feel, the touch of blues or the hint of swing that enthrals you, if you’re a lover of good music, you’re bound to be an ambassador for Jazz music.  Jazz supports the style of each artist, in that it creates a platform for the musician to add an intimate touch to an existing composition.  It has a rich tradition of musicians playing the music in their own way, expressing emotions in a very personal way.

Jazz originated in New Orleans, but is widely accepted to be influenced by European as well as African music.  Instruments used include the piano, the trumpet and the saxophone.  New Orleans was a city receptive to cross-cultural influences and the fusion of different styles of music from various ethnic groups, mainly because of the fact that it was a port city, and a home away from home for many.

Music and musical instruments make for a highly popular theme amongst slot and online slot players.  The Jazz Club showcases the style of Jazz, showcasing all of its rich and diverse elements.  Designed and published by Playtech, the online slot version features five reels and 25 paylines, as well as a Bonus Game.

The Jazz Club can be played for free or for real money and is available on more than one reputable online casino sites.

Online Slot Symbols

Three Jazz musicians star as the highest paying symbols.  The Trumpet player is the top paying symbol, rolling in at 5000 credits for a combination 5 matching symbols on an active payline.  The double bassist and pianist follows at 1000 credits for the same feat.  Other symbols include a treble clef, a bourbon on the rocks and a microphone.  These symbols pay out handsomely too.

The microphone is the game’s wild symbol.  The wild symbol will not only substitute for all other standard symbols to complete a winning combination, but will also become an expanding wild during the game’s Bonus Game.  The wild symbol appears on reels 2, 3 and 4.

The Jazz Club Logo doubles as the game’s scatter symbol, and will award up to 14 free games during the Bonus Game.  In addition to activating the game’s Bonus Game, the scatter symbol will also pay out a number of credits, depending on the number of scatters landed on a payline.

The Jazz Club Free Spins Bonus Game

Three or more of the game’s scatter symbols anywhere on the reels will activate the Free Spins Bonus Game.

Your instrument of choice will determine the award on offer.  The Trumpet Player will award 10 free spins, the cellist a mighty 8 free spins and a double up multiplier, and the pianist a sultry 7 free games and a x4 multiplier.

Keep in mind that the chosen musician will replace all other musicians already on the reels, making up additional winning combinations.  It is therefore imperative to choose wisely.

The Jazz Club is a great deal of fun to play, and the expanding wilds feature truly bumps up the odds of winning by considerable measures.

The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man Video Slot Online

Considered to be one of the greatest science-fiction films to have ever graced the screens of cinema, The Invisible Man is based on a novel by H. G. Wells and tells the story of an old mad scientist and his attempt to alter human genetics.

The Invisible Man online video slot attempts to bring the novel to life through great design and gameplay, with 5 reels and up to 20 paylines. The bonus features in this game are as attractive, offering wilds, Walking Wilds, scatters and a free spins feature with both Police Spins and Griffin’s Rage.

Being such a popular story and subsequently a popular online slot, The Invisible Man can be played at numerous online casinos, with mobile free and real money play generally available to all players.

Look and Feel

The Invisible Man slots have to be commended for their top-quality graphics and overall look that places players at the heart of the 1897 mystery.

The imagery is exceptionally sharp, as are the developers for including animated boiling beakers and expressive characters throughout the game’s interface – even the auto spin button appears to be a bubbling concoction.

The symbols display a combination of card symbols (including A, K, Q, J and 10) as well as theme-related symbols that include the characters from the tale. Overall the game is impressive in terms of visuals as well as gameplay, making The Invisible Man an online slot that all players should take a closer look at.

Walking Wilds

The Invisible Man slots have been equipped with 2 wilds that have the ability to substitute for all other symbols in the game and will also trigger a re-spin each time they appear.

The one is a Police Wild which will only appear on the 1st reel and moves one position to the right before a re-spin occurs, while the other is a Griffin Wild that will only appear on the 5th reel and will move a position to the left before every re-spin.

This essentially means that players can expect 5 re-spins every time a wild appears, with the wild moving a position each time until it eventually walks off the reels.

Free Spins Bonus

During the base game of The Invisible Man slot game, the wilds will walk, however, should 2 wilds walk at the same time and meet on the reels the free spins bonus will be activated.

Players then receive 10 free spins and those that manage to make the same thing occur again will receive another 4 free spins. This feature is an important part of the bonus feature too and players will notice 2 meters above the reels during this time.

The bonus meter is increased with every Griffin Wild that walks off the reels and the police meter will do the same with every Police Wild that walks off , both reaching a maximum of 8 bars. Players that light up all 8 spot will be taken to the respective bonus feature.

Griffin’s Rage and Police Spins Bonus

The Griffin’s Rage bonus is divided into 3 stages, each of which has 5 different events to choose from. Each event will display the presence of The Invisible Man and, when clicked, could either reveal a prize or a red helmet that ends the game.

Players that trigger the Police Spins bonus will receive 3 free spins and 5 burning wilds placed on the reels before the free spins begin.

The Groovy Sixties

The Groovy Sixties Online Slot

The 60s were a time that has been considered by many a leap in human consciousness, with figures like Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and Malcolm X making waves and leading a revolution of thought and music from bands such as The Beatles, The Doors and Jimi Hendrix bringing musical life and creative freedom to such revolution.

The Groovy Sixties is an online video slot game that essentially hurls players back to this time, where love, peace and rock and roll was the discourse, allowing those that once lived through it to re-experience the lifestyle and younger generations to get a sample of the famous psychedelic decade.

Players can access this 5-reel, 40-payline slot game from a vast number of online casinos, with real money play available to players that sign up, as well as from mobile casinos that offer convenient, real-time gaming.

Groovy Gameplay

As previously mentioned, The Groovy Sixties online video slot game plays out over 5 reels and 4 rows, with up to a generous 40 paylines available.

The bonus features in this slot offer players some considerable winning opportunities and includes the likes of wild symbols, stacked wilds, scatter symbols, free spins and multipliers.

Feel the Groove

If the soundtrack that begins playing from the first spin of the reels in The Groovy Sixties slot doesn’t immediately make players want to put on some shades and jam to the sweet sound of the 60s then the imagery  and overall steady theme surely will make you feel like you’re playing NZ online blackjack with the King!.

The backdrop is a simple yet bright one, displaying the reflections of a disco ball against an orange palette that screams the 1960s. Developers have even been sure to include a bell bottom font, another touch that pulls the 60s theme together rather successfully.

The Groovy Sixties Symbols

The symbols found on the reels of The Groovy Sixties slot are mostly theme-related, with the lower value symbols displaying playing card icons, including A, K, Q and J.

The symbols that hold more value include a VW Beetle, a small television, a reel-to-reel sound system, a film projector, a pair of knee-high boots and lava lamps, while the bonus symbols display 60s wild symbol and a young brunette lady as the game’s scatter.

Stacked Wilds

The Groovy Sixties includes a stacked wild feature that attempts to allow players to complete more winning combinations in less amount of time.

The stacked wilds ultimately stack wild symbols on top of one another on the reels, sometimes covering the entire reel.

Free Spins Bonus

The Groovy Sixties holds one of online slot gaming’s most popular features, the free spins bonus feature. Players will have to land 3 of the brunette lady scatter symbols on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels in order to activate this feature.

Players will then be rewarded with just 5 free spins, however, players will be able to receive more should they land another 3 scatter symbols during the free spins feature. What’s more, any wins achieved in the feature will be subject to a 2x multiplier.

The Great Czar

The Great Czar Online Video Slot

Throughout time Russia has made history, both positive and negative, so it is no wonder that the rulers and leaders in place at the time of these historical events have inspired more than a single novel or film.

The Great Czar has gone one step further, offering players the chance to join a historical expedition in ruling Russian territory through an exciting 5-reel slot game. This slot can be played out over a maximum of 30 paylines and offers some additional winning opportunities in the form of wild symbols, scatter symbols and an Imperial Crown free spins bonus feature.

Some players may battle to find free versions of The Great Czar slot game, however, those that sign up to certain casinos will find demo versions as well as real money online slots versions available for both online and mobile play.

Join The Greats

The Great Czar online video slot is basically centred around the wealth and power of the Russian elite and invites players to join the elite in a time before the revolution, meaning players can expect to find a great deal of gold and jewels on the screen presented.

The atmosphere is brought to life by many aspects, including the backdrop behind the reels that displays a beautiful shade of night time blue as well as the iconic bulb-shaped buildings that can be found in the Saint Basil cathedral on Moscow’s Red Square.

On and Around The Reels

As well as the backdrop that was described above, The Great Czar slots offer a great deal of atmosphere-enhancing aspects, with finer touches seen in the fact that the reels have been rendered to appear as though they are framed in gold.

Moreover, the high-quality 3D graphics and strategically placed action buttons below the reels provide players with a generally well-designed and well-thought out game that is pleasant to look at and navigate.

The game symbols hold the consistency and include The Great Czar himself, his First Lady and some jewels to make up the higher value symbols, while the symbols holding lower values are A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9.

There are also 2 special symbols that players need to make themselves aware of, including a red shield that is the wild symbol and a blue scatter & bonus symbol displaying a gold crown and royal jewels.

Imperial Crown Free Spins Bonus

As a scatter symbol the blue crown symbol will just give cash prizes for appearing, however as a bonus symbol it works a little differently. There is a free spins bonus feature in the The Great Czar called the Imperial Crown and 3, 4 or 5 of the scatter & bonus symbols anywhere in view will trigger it.

Depending on the number of symbols that the player has landed, players will have a choice of the number of free spins and the multiplier that will take hold during the free spins. Unfortunately, players are not able to receive more free spins during the imperial Crown feature and the bonus will end when there are no free spins left.

Burglin’ Bob

Burglin’ Bob Slot Game Has Many Amusing Graphics

Burglin’ Bob is a slots game that shows the world of a small-time thief and his dog.  It is a five reel game, with three rows and thirty pay lines, produced by Bluberi Gaming Technologies. Players have found this game highly amusing, and a joy to play.

Burglin’ Bob is the main character in the game, as he is the thief who tries to break into bank vaults and safes, and robs houses and shops in the dead of night, accompanied by his dog. This slots game is full of great graphics and animations, and you will hear Bob making comments during the game play.

Symbols Relate to Bob’s Nefarious Activities

Symbols include all the tools Bob needs for his illegal activities, like his flashlight and keys, various tools and sticks of dynamite. There are also the locked metal safe door and a Padlock. There are also the standard playing card from ten through to the Ace, that represent the lower paying symbols. The Wild symbol is Burglin’ Bob’s Dog, showing his teeth behind the word Wild, and this symbol will be able to replace other symbols missing in a winning combination, apart from the Scatter symbol. The Bonus symbol is a Manhole Cover.

If you land three or more Bonus symbols on any of reels one, three or six, you will trigger the Escape Bonus Round. You will be shown another screen, where there will be a tough cop after you and you will have to escape. You click on the different manhole covers to reveal what prize is behind them, and the amount you have won will be added to your balance.

Scatters are Alarm Bells

The Scatter symbol is the red Alarm Bell, and three or more of the Scatter symbols appearing anywhere on reels two, three and four will activate the Free spins bonus round. You choose one of the Scatter symbols, and the number of free spins you have won will be revealed. You can win up to sixty free spins. Any wins you may have made during the free spins bonus round will be doubled. The free spins round can be reactivated by three more of the Alarm Bells appearing on the reels.

Another bonus in Burglin’ Bob is the Smash ‘n Grab bonus. This is triggered when you find three Burglin’ Bob symbols under a Manhole Cover. With this bonus round you can break into four different shops, and grab some loot from each one. If there are no police around to chase you, you will be given extra attempts at raiding shops.

The Safe Bonus

Burglin’ Bob offers another bonus round too, which is the Safe Bonus. If you find three or more locked safes on one of the pay lines you can choose one of them to break into, and you will get the prize that was locked inside. This bonus could even give you up to two hundred percent of their initial stake.

If you want to make the most of the bonuses and special features in Burglin’ Bob, it will be best to play the maximum wager on each pay line. Three Burglin’ Bob symbols appearing on the pay lines will give you fifty coins or four hundred coins for four symbols. Five Burglin’ Bob symbols appearing will give you the game’s top jackpot, thirty thousand coins.


F1 Grand Prix

The F1 Grand Prix

When it comes to motor racing, Formula One is certainly the most popular of them all. For online betting purpose, a F1 Grand Prix race offers numerous betting option with individual bets on races and seasonal bets on constructors and drivers championships. Formula one or F1 is the highest class of auto racing sanctioned by the FIA. Since its inception in 1950, the FIA Formula One World Championships is known as the premier form of racing anywhere in the world.

The formula name in the Formula One is a direct reference to the set of rules that all cars and participants must conform in any F1 Grand Prix race. The F1 racing season consists of a series of races that are termed Grand Prix. The term is derived from French and means “Grand Prizes”. Races on conducted on purpose-built Formula One circuits and public roads in countries around the world. The results of each F1 Grand Prix race are calculated using a points system. At the end of the F1 season, the two World Championships titles are awarded, one for drivers and one for constructors.

Practice Sessions and Qualifiers

Before participating in a F1 Grand Prix, drivers are required to hold a super licence which is the highest class of racing licence issued by the FIA. Most of the races are held in rural locations or on purpose-built F1 tracks. Some races are held in city centres with Monaco being the most famous example. The number of F1 Grand Prix races has varied since the first race in 1950. The first ever F1 season consisted of just seven races. In 2014 the number increased to nineteen races.

A single F1 Grand Prix race spans over a weekend. The race gets under way with two designated free practice sessions held on the Friday. Then there is one free practice session on the Saturday. This gives drivers a good idea of how the course handles and the current conditions. A qualifying session is then held after the last free practise session to determine the starting positions for the race. On any course, F1 cars race at speed of 240 mph or 380 km/h. The engines are limited to a performance of 15 000 RPM.

F1 Grand Prix Bets

In the current 2016 season, Nico Rosberg holds the top spot on the drivers table with 367 points while Mercedes is in the lead for the constructor’s championships with 722 points. For online bettors, a F1 Grand Prix race offers plenty of betting opportunities. At the start of the F1 season, bettors can place wages on which driver will win the championship as well as which company will win the constructors championship as the end of the year.

On any individual race, Online F1 betting site users can place individual bets on which driver will attain pole position after the qualifying session. Bets can also be placed on which driver will win the individual race as well as who will place second or third. Exotic bets can also be placed including which driver will clock the fastest lap in the race.

Davis Cup

The Davis Cup Tennis Tournament

Described as the World Cup of tennis, the Davis Cup is an annual men’s tennis tournament contested between teams from all around the world. The tournament is run by the International Tennis Federation with players competing at home and away in a knock-out format. The woman’s equivalent is known as the Fed Cup and follows the same format.  The winners of the tournament are crowned the as the World Champion team with the USA holding the most titles since its inception.

The origins of the Davis Cup date back to 1899 when four members the Harvard University tennis team thought it would be a great idea to challenge the British to a full-on tennis competition. Dwight F. Davis took on the role as tournament organiser, designing the format and appropriating a sterling silver trophy for the winning team. The first competition was officially held in 1900 and has been running ever since. The current champions are Great Britain who won in 2015 after 79 years after they last held the trophy.

The Tournament Format

The Davis Cup is open to all competing nations around the world. All nations are split into zones which compete at home and away in order to place inside the World Group consisting of 16 teams. The competition is held over four weekends throughout the year with teams competing in a best of 5 matches in the knock-out phase. Teams which manage to make it to the final 16 World Group phase play a four round elimination tournament with each team seeded according to ITF rankings.

Teams that win their opening round matches in the World Group stage automatically qualify for the World Group the next year. The teams that lose their opening round matches drop out into the next group to compete for a top spot. The competition culminates with a grand final between the top two teams in the tournament. The winning team receives the Davis Cup trophy and is crowned as the tennis World Champion Team.

Davis Cup Tennis Bets

The Davis Cup offers plenty of mobile tennis betting action for both seasoned and new bettors. At the start of the tournament, bettors can place bets on which teams will make it through to the World Group stage. This involves betting on a specific country to make it into the final 16 teams. The top-ranked teams in the competition are the USA, Australia, Great Britain and France. Once the completion is under way, bettors can place bets on individual matches with players playing on home soil and away.

As well as placing individual match bets, there are a full list of tennis bets that can be placed in the Davis Cup that you might call exotic bets. Placing an exotic bet requires a lot of research and knowledge about the players and the sport. Some of the most commonly placed exotic bets include bets on which player will score the first ace in the match, who will win the first set, how many sets will be played in total and if the set will go to a tie-breaker.

French Open

The French Open is Played Every Year in Paris

In the last week of May every year, the great names in world tennis descend upon Paris for the year’s second Grand Slam tournament, and the climax of the European clay court season. This is the French Open.

The French Open was the first of the Grand Slam tennis tournaments to join the Open era in 1968 and allow amateurs and professionals alike to enter the competition. Since then many of the great tennis players of the world have graced the famous clay courts, including Bjorn Borg, Ivan Lendl, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Nadal is the first man in tennis history to have won nine titles at the same Grand Slam Championship. 1983 saw the victory of the only Frenchman ever to have won this French tournament, Yannick Noah.

One of the Highlights of the Tennis Calendar

The French Open has long been viewed as one of the highlights of the international tennis calendar, and is always held at the famous Roland Garros Stadium, which was named after a French aviator of the first World war, Roland Garros. This tennis championship dates back to 1891, and was then open only to French competitors.  It was only in 1925 that the French Tennis Federation opened its doors to entrants from other countries, and this year became the beginning of tennis players from the USA, Great Britain, Germany and of course the host country, vying for supremacy in the French Open.

The Only Clay Court Championship

The French Open is the second of the four Grand Slam tennis championships to be held during each year, and the only one to take place on clay courts. The other three are the Australian Open, Wimbledon and the US Open. The French Open is considered to be the most strenuous of all the major tournaments, as the clay courts are slow playing and produce a high bounce when compared to the grass courts or hard courts. Clay courts can remove a great deal of the advantage big serving players have with huge serves and volleys. For this reason, many players who have won the other Grand Slam events have not managed a win at the French Open. The few players who have managed a win on both the Wimbledon and French Open court surfaces are Rod Laver, Jan Kodes, Bjorn Borg, Andre Agassi, Roger Federer and Raphael Nadal.

A Wide Array of Online Wagers Possible

The international tennis circuit offers a wide array of betting options, as there is a tennis tournament in every country nearly every week. Tennis offers an array of different wagers that you can place. You can bet on the winner of each match and the performance of each player, the winner of the tournament, the numbers of games each player wins, among a host of other options for placing a bet. Games you can bet on also include the doubles and mixed doubles matches as well.

Betting on any tennis tournament, whether done online or on a mobile device, can be fun and sometimes rewarding. It is always wise, however, before placing any bet, to do a little research. You want to know as much as possible about the current form of each player in the competition and to make sure you are aware of all the rules and regulations of the game. There are many reputable sports books at online casinos to use, who all offer great customer support as well if you need help.