Yankee Bet

Betting on the Horses with Yankee Bet

When it comes to sports betting, one of the more creative sports in regards to the naming and creation of bets is that f horse racing. The punters enthusiastic about this form of betting will be aware of a good couple of different betting options. One such combination betting option is that of the Yankee Bet which is a combination bet placed on the horses that covers most conditions given a set parameter. This is the sort of unique betting that can be attributed to this sporting event and is part and parcel to what attracts so many punters to its side.

When punters look to start placing bets of this nature it can help to have a groundwork of the dynamics at play. This will allow the punters to understand the merit behind the actions involved which makes the effect stronger. In so doing we will discuss the aspects of the Yankee Bet in question and how this relates to the procedure of horse betting. This involves taking a look at the setup that supports this form of betting and allows for such diverse options in this rather straightforward sporting event.

Describing the Horse Sports Betting Yankee Bet

With horse racing betting there is a few aspects at play that tend to create the path for the betting operation. The basic structure of the racing event for one, gives rise to the sheer amount of combination cover bets available. Cover bets such as this Yankee Bet one that allows the punters to place a medley of bets on an estimated four race winners. This four selection wager involves a total of 11 bets. There are the 6 doubles, the 4 trebles and then a four-fold accumulator.

The way this works is that it covers four chosen horses to win in various options. The doubles pair them up and involve 6 to cover all the bases. The same is the case for the trebles that manage this with just four alternatives. Finally the four-fold accumulator includes all four of the chosen horses.

Reasons Behind this Involved Form of Betting

This is the sort of betting operation that horse racing allows for in its setup and structure. Of course like any bet that is made, the objective fundamentally is to win from it. With this particular Yankee Bet the winning conditions are triggered if punters have two or more winning choice from amongst its ranks of 11 different bets. This means that whilst the bet is diverse and covers a broad reach of options, the cost of the stake itself is significantly increased so punters then need to win more to compensate the returns from NZ horse racing tips.

Using the Yankee Bet Option Successfully

Like with any well-placed bet, the result is based on a good degree of strategy. Therefore punters should ascertain if their bet is likely to strike home before they place it, to increase their chances. This can be done in the case of this unique and specific bet through a Yankee Bet calculator that takes into account the odds of the chosen four horses and the wager returns as a result.


Sandown Racecourse

Sandown Racecourse is a Thoroughbred race track Melbourne Australia, and is the home of the Melbourne racing club. Is the only metropolitan racecourse built in the 20th century, and was opened in front of a crowd of 52 000 people in June 1965. The Sandown Racecourse is just outside the Melbourne CBD, providing access to horse racing to a number of people from the inner city that would not normally be able to get out into the country.

The original course was a rough oval shape with a home straight of 407 metres. The course has had an additional 30 metre wide home turn added to it, as well as the main track being increased in width from 30 to 45 metres. This ended up creating two tracks, Sandown Lakeside and The Hillside track. The Lakeside has a circumference of 1857 metres and a home straight 407 metres as the original track did, while The Hillside course is longer at 2087 metres with a home straight of 491 metres.

Track amenities

The Sandown Racecourse hosts 21 races per season, number of which are scheduled tab events that are televised all over the country. Most of the races can all be found on either Pay TV or one of the Sky channels, and wagering on them is available online via various sites. The bar at the Sandown Racecourse shows other tab events on big screen TVs, offering betting on them via on-site bookies. On site bookies are also available on all race days, although the bigger race days will offer a wide variety of greyhound betting sites.

Sandown Carnival

The Sandown Racecourse has two main races annually; The Zipping classic and the Sandown Guinea, both of which are Group 2 races. Group 3 races include Eclipse Stakes, the Sandown Stakes and the Summond Stakes. These are run over a number of distances varying between 1300 metres and 2400 metres. As these are the main races which are run at Sandown Racecourse wagering on them is covered by online site. Odds vary from site to site, so shopping around is in the punters best interest in order to find the odds and the site that suits them the best.

Betting on the Sandown Guineas

The Sandown Guineas is the type of race that usually attracts horses of a higher calibre. This means that there is a good field when it comes to wagering options. Although the race is short, only run over 1600 metres, 3 year olds who were previously entered into longer races often enter the Sandown Guinea field. The Sandown Guinea has historically fielded a large number of well known thoroughbreds who have gone on to become Elite race horses such as Niagara and Press Day. To enter into the race a thoroughbred has to be nominated and fulfil a number of categories such as previous race results as well as money won. They also have to be over the year of the age of three, although gender is not restricted.

Sandown Strategies

Knowing the course and the horses is imperative to creating a successful wager. Sandown is long sweeping course, in which barriers are not as important as the tighter turning courses such as Mount Gambier. That being said, horses drawing the inside do have a very slight advantage over horses on the outside, especially in maiden races. Knowing your horses as well as the track conditions go long way toward making your way to more successful than just going in blind.

Ryder Cup

Helpful Tips For Wagering On The Ryder Cup

The Ryder Cup follows somewhat of a different structure to other major golf tournaments. With endless wagering possibilities the tournament is still a solid breeding ground for lucrative winnings. Opting to lay wagers on the Ryder Cup requires a fair amount of skill, strategy and preparation; fortunately the fundamentals of golf are at the heart of this riveting event.

The Ryder Cup is a golfing contest between North America and Europe that swings into action every two years. An earnest rivalry exists between the two participating continents, with a friendly and kind smile, gentlemen grace the course set to claim bragging rights for the following two years. The tournament is very much a team affair with brilliant camaraderie at every hole.

Featuring intense golfing sessions, the Ryder Cup affords sports enthusiasts in quest of stacked odds and valuable probability the opportunity to wager on unique outcomes. With some of the worlds greatest gofers competing, the Ryder Cup attracts global attention, yielding gainful prospects.

History Of The Ryder Cup

The Ryder Cup began its inception in 1927 at the Worcester Country Club, in Massachusetts, United States. The tournament found its roots with only two countries going head to head, Great Britain and the United States of America.

Bestowed with the name Ryder Cup, the tournament takes its name from English businessman, Samuel Ryder who donated the trophy.

Today the Ryder Cup sees players from all over Europe and America doing battle for their respective countries honour.

Ryder Cup Game Play

Each team has an appointed captain. The captain is usually a senior champion golfer that has several vice captains below him to provide encouragement and support. The captain will place each of his twelve players on strategic points on the course to ensure a rewarding game.

The Game Format

Unchanged since 1979, the Ryder Cup lasts for three days and features twelve of the best golfers from each continent. The aim of the contest is to obtain the majority share of points available on the board, with 28 in total on offer. The team that obtains 14.5 points first wins the contest.

The tournament follows a match play structure as opposed to stroke play that nearly all other major golfing tournaments make use of. A match play style disregards each individual stroke and a winner is chosen per hole. This means that opponents face each other hole for hole, allowing for ample golf betting opportunities within the Ryder Cup.

Wagering Options

Although the Ryder Cup is a golfing tournament, the match play style lends itself to unique wagering options on the cup.

These include the Ryder Cup winning odds, which is a wager on the team who will win the contest.

The Ryder Cup exact score odds, which is a wager on the prospective winning team and the points they will have in order to claim victory.

The Ryder Cup top points scorer, which is a wager on the player who will accumulate the highest points in the game.

The Ryder Cup also includes many side and special wagering options that can be staked on the overall performance of the players or broken down into sections of the game. Either way the possibilities abound with lucrative potential.

casino online games

Venturing into Canada’s Casino Online Games Possibilities

Collecting and combining information regarding most every topic online has grown easier and easier over the past decade and players around the world have begun to realise the wealth of information at hand. What this entails for the players of Canada for example is that they can always readily find out things about casino online games and options thereof. This can serve to prepare the players then when they look to experience some of these options first hand.

Whilst it is rather difficult to create an online casino option that fulfils most of the players’ demands and prospects across the board, the players can thin the factors they require essential until a line of best fit arises. With the casino online games options found for Canada this involves balancing the preferences that the players share with the factors available online. Sometimes this may not appear as attractive in reality, however there are ways to come out with some rather representable options and combinations.

Surmising the Aspects around Online Casino Gaming

When the casino gaming business went online for the first time there was a degree of uncertainty involved. Would the internet be able to provide the players with enjoyable enough action to keep them interested for a long enough time for them to bother learning the new aspects around such an expedition? Whilst there may have been doubts throughout back then, the age of technology has enabled some rather wonderful advances in casino online games possibilities. With this the offers online are really rather capable so players should look to approach such an operation with a degree of caution but a mind set to learn of its components as well as then preparing to sample such options.

Understanding the Newer Factors of Gaming Involved

Though the players of Canada are likely quite acquainted with the online casino setup by now, there are still a few features that tend to go amiss when associating and assessing the viable candidates involved. On the side of security for instance the players can look toward the levels of encryption that the particular casino talks of as well as the openness to which this is regarded. This of course couples with the various effects experienced from the environment itself and how supportive it is to the players when they play games online. Even the variety of casino online games is a factor that should be addressed quite warmly and allows the players to follow those forms of gaming they enjoy best.

Dwelling on the Different Online Gaming Possibilities

It is likely that the players want to get into the action rather soon and start playing these casino online games offers and possibilities as soon as they can. This then requires the information that gets this process off the ground. Things to look out for then include aspects around the security and openness of the online offers that the players from Canada come across. Beyond these there are mostly the various gaming options to encounter when players go online, as well as the environment they encounter through the internet. For the most part the top casinos online do offer the punters a good medley of these options as well as present them in a unique and inviting way. The aim for most of these ventures is a sense of collaboration between players and the casinos accessible.

casino online

The Ultimate Online Casino Experience

The casino online experience has transformed modern day gaming into an immersing domain with the ultimate rewards.

Players from Canada in quest of thrilling casino online play have a world of opportunity available with a vast selection of premium platforms to choose from.

Canada’s citizens enjoy full title usage; the government does not restrict any resident of legal age from participating in casino online play. This allows for a spectrum of entertainment across an array of devices.

The Online Experience 

Nearly all casino online platforms available in Canada allow for a thrilling gaming environment that is safe, fair and fun.

Players can expect a mixture of casino online games including table games such as roulette and blackjack, slots titles, progressive jackpots, video slots and developing niche markets, which diversify the already jam packed mixture.

More Rewarding Play

Players from Canada in quest of online play will be elated by casino online platforms. Opting for a casino online platform allows for creative gaming from the comfort of a favourite armchair.

Players can access the casino online through an assortment of devices including mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers and laptops. There are little to no wait times, tables or slot machines are not placed in overcrowded venues.

All casino online platforms are open twenty four seven for your convenience. Depositing and withdrawal mechanisms are safe and easy to become accustomed to.

Making use of casino online platforms increases gaming diversity. Games can be closed as quickly as they are launched.

Spreading The Play

With a thriving online community, casino online platforms have a multitude of competitors eager to please new players from Canada.

Spreading the play between the best casino online platforms allows you to secure the ultimate rewarding offers.

Making use of multiple accounts is an excellent way to become accustomed to the most preferred casino online platform that suits your personal needs and gaming style.

Develop With Free Play

New players from Canada seeking to build a solid casino online strategy should consider free play. Free play is the free version of the casino online, which allows you to wager with free credits and test the gaming software on offer.

All wagers in free play will work in the exact manner as the real version of the casino but without the possibility of winning.

Understanding Promotional Rewards

Providers secure new players with promotional bonus rewards and retain existing players with extended bonus offers at online slots in Hong Kong.

New players from Canada should have a clear understanding of the promotion before opting for any bonus from the casino online. Bonus rewards have a structured set of terms and conditions listed under the rules of the promotion.

Bonus rewards include free money bonus offers or free spins. Free money bonus rewards provide you with a match up offer on your deposit, while free spins are place on a predetermined game.

Players opting for these offers should be aware that any bonus issues by the casino is linked to terms and conditions, which affect your withdrawal protocol.

Once you have claimed the bonus, many casino online operators require you to turn your funds over a certain amount of times before initiating a withdrawal. If players do not read the terms it can lead to frustration after winning big.

Casino Games Online

Playing Casino Games Online in Canada

For many Canadian casino enthusiasts, the idea of playing casino games online is quite intriguing. Having the ability to win big from the comfort of your own home is the dream of many a player. But is it as easy as everyone says? Can you really play hundreds of casino games from your laptop or mobile device? The answer, is yes you can. In the notes below, we are going to look at just easy it is to get started playing the latest slots and casino games online for free and for real money.

Choosing The Right Casino

If you are looking to play online for the first time, the first step is finding a reputable casino to sign up with. In Canada, there are many top-rated online casinos to choose from. Before signing up with just any casino, it is important to look for a site that best suits your needs. For new players, it is best to look for a casino that is user friendly, offers a wide range of games and gives you the best bonuses for your money. In order to start playing casino games online, you first need to create a free online casino account.

Creating a Free Casino Account

Once you have found a casino website that has everything you need, you can create a free online account by clicking on the signup button. Here, you can put in your details, choose a login name and activate your account in a few minutes. Once your account is active, you can get started playing the latest casino games online for free straight away. You don’t even need to make a deposit, you can simply head to the games section and play to your heart’s desire.

Honing Your Skills

Playing free casino games online is a great way to try out new games and to hone your skills on games like poker, blackjack or baccarat. However, if you are keen to start winning some real money, the next step is to transfer funds into your casino account. In Canada, all top-rated online casinos offer a full range of banking deposit facilities including local bank transfer payments, debit card payments, credit card payments and even web-wallet payments. In most cases, the deposit will be processed straight away and your funds will reflect in your account within a few minutes.

Winning Real Money

Once you have funds in your account, you are ready to start playing casino games online for real money. If you have downloaded the software, you can login to the casino software on your computer, type in the name of the game you are looking for or simply choose a game from the list. In Canada, players can also access and play real money casino games via the instant play flash site. This is perhaps the easiest option for new players as it doesn’t require any downloads and you can access the casino from anywhere in the world. Once logged into the casino, you can simply head to the games sections, browse through the list, choose a game and start playing.

Casino games online

Casino Games Online in USA

Playing casino games online in the USA is possible as there are a number of online casinos worldwide that accept US players. There are however many online casinos or software developers that do not allow or accept US players. Some that do are rated amongst the best places to play casino games online while others are considered casinos to avoid.

This makes it fundamentally important to do some research before committing to any particular online casino. Once a player has found the best US friendly casino to play casino games online there will be a wide variety of games to play on multiple platforms within a secure environment.

Looking for the Best Online Casinos

Players in the USA looking to play casino games online need to keep in mind that not all US friendly online casinos have great reputations. It is rather important to ensure that the chosen online casino meets all of the criteria needed for a safer and more profitable experience.

Most importantly it should be legal and licensed in an authentic jurisdiction. Security protocols should be set in place and ensure not only safe transferring and storing of personal details and funds, but the online casino should also be committed to responsible gambling.

Services such as customer support, fast pay outs and accepted bank methods must be noted as these are important aspects of an all-round good quality online casino. The better sites also offer US players fair bonuses and possible VIP reward programs.

Different Casino Games for Online Play

There are hundreds of different casino games online for US players that come from a variety of different software developers. Many are well-known casino games but software developers have and are coming up with newer and different variations of casino games.

Some of the more played casino games include American roulette and American blackjack. Both are slight variations of the originals. Online slot games are popular and there are hundreds offering various themes and game features.

The online slot games include three reel classic slots, video slots and progressive slots. All American video poker and many other variations of the basic video poker game is available for online play and offer players an individual poker experience.

Other casino games such as baccarat and poker are widely available at US friendly online casinos as well as a variety of new types of games.

Different Online Casino Game Platforms

US players unsure of how a particular casino game is played may have access to the game in demo mode before placing any real money bets. Most casino games online have a demo mode but this may not be available on all games played on certain platforms.

Casino games come in both downloadable and non-downloadable platforms. There are pros and cons to either option such as the quality of game features and game play, the size of the application or data used and the particular device played on.

Most of the top rated US friendly online casinos have a mobile platform that generally provides a smaller selection of the casino games which have been optimized for the smaller device.

casino games for real money online

Find Online Casino Games For Real Money In The USA

The advent of the Internet has launched multiple gateways for players from the USA seeking casino games for real money online.

Nearly all-online casinos available to USA players have the option to play for real money, in spite of the Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which took effect in 2006.

An Exploding Variety Of Online Games

There is a refreshing variety of casino games for real money online available to players in the USA.  New games are uploaded continually and older versions updated for a refreshing look. Online casino games for real money online in the USA include but are not limited to bingo, solitaire, video slots, keno, blackjack, poker, baccarat, progressives and roulette.

Tips For Selecting A Reputable casino

Settling on a website that provides casino games for real money online in the USA can be intimidating due to various laws and government policies.

Only reputable casinos that are licensed and registered with the gaming commission should be considered when making the choice, also important is an external auditing body to ensure player satisfaction and fairness, moderates the casino. The casino website should always display this information on their official home page.

Quality Game Play And Experience

Websites that provide casino games for real money online to players from the USA should be associated with a distinguished games software provider. This coupled with an external moderating body will ensure the game play is fair and the casino is upheld to the standards it advertises.

Real Money Versus Practice Play

Players that opt for casino games for real money online in the USA should also be aware that there is a practice play option available in nearly all-online casinos. The practice play option allows players to become accustomed to the casino games and the software provider, before making a real money deposit.

Download Versus Instant Play

Players from the USA will need to consider whether or not they will be playing the instant or downloaded version of the casino software available. Nearly all casino games for real money online offer players in the USA download or instant play software.

Instant play versions of casino games for real money online in the USA are solely played through the web browser. This means that there is no software to install or tiresome downloads to navigate, making instant play versions more convenient for the casual gamer.

Downloaded versions of casino games for real money online in the USA are played through software that needs to be downloaded and installed on a computer in order to play the games.

The download version does offer players deeper features over and above the instant play version, however both versions of the casino are interchangeable, each with their own benefits for different players needs.

Depositing Methods And Player Safety

Online casinos will employ a host of depositing methods; all depositing and withdrawal methods can be located within the casino software on the banking page. Players should be aware that certain depositing methods are region specific and therefore not found within the casinos software.

All reputable online casinos are completely safe and ensure player confidentiality through strict guidelines set out by the external moderating body, which in turn becomes official casino operating policy. Advanced security protocols and procedures protect player information making casino games for real money online a safe and easy choice.


USA casino games for free online

Limitless Casino Games For Free Online Play

Most, if not all, casino games found at land-based USA casinos can be found online. Gaming developers either create an online game from scratch or they adapt it from machines found on the casino floor. This online replica is enjoyed by online players, who also then get to experience different upgrades of the game and various variations. So while actual casino venues are limited in their game offerings, online casinos comprise all types of games from casino floors and much more.

USA players can choose casino games for free online play and enjoy online video poker and video games, online slot games, online table games like roulette, blackjack, craps and baccarat, as well as other speciality games. Players can enjoy the main game and then its additional versions and variations created for different game modes and devices.

Online casino games come in many modes of play. Real money play and free money play requires two different versions of the same game, each created exactly the same or featuring additional unique differences. USA players then need to try the game out via a free demo version before playing for real money. Bring technology devices into the mix and developers need to adapt and render the original game into different free play versions for compatible play on different devices.

Different Free Play Games Assist New Players

New players are joining the virtual scene but lack online game experience so free games of all types need to be created and offered to assist them with learning online gameplay and getting comfortable with wagering and pay-out tables before wagering real money. New game releases and gaming upgrades and demos are created and offered online to act as a starting point for new online players.

Not only are free games the gateway to online gaming, but for seasoned players who know the ins and outs of online casinos, free play games offer a way to have fun without the cost and a fresh break from the intensity of real money play.

New casino games for free online play are also created often to satisfy the needs of USA players only seeking a good time, and not wanting to play with real money. When thrills are not gained through winning real money, new free games need to be released to keep the player interested and engaged. To these free play fanatics, every new free game or variation is like winning the jackpot.

Mobile Gaming Sees More Free Games

Mobile gaming is becoming more popular, with mobile players seeking more free play games to enjoy on the move rather than real money games. With advancements in mobile devices, gaming developers have to make sure their gaming software is compatible with a mobile device.

Mobile users update their mobile software often, thus a player who plays a free casino game one day, then does a software update, might not be able to enjoy the same game the next day with the games software no longer compatible with the newly updated device. Thus, game developers create newer versions of the free game and make them available as fast and as frequently as mobile updates are done. Thanks to mobile gaming, the game selection just got bigger.

With all the above factors pushing the production of casino games for free online play, USA players can continue to be overwhelmed with game choice and enjoy non-stop casino action.

casino gambling online

The Games That Took Casino Gambling Online

All-time player favourites such as Bingo, Poker and Blackjack have been instrumental in taking land-based casino gambling online, and in so doing making these classics instantly available to a much larger audience.  The social aspect of a land-based casino is an attractive draw card for many, but there is also an audience seeking the solace and instant accessibility of playing these games from home computer systems as well as mobile systems.

This does not by any means exclude the possibility of online players visiting land-based casinos.  It simply means that there are options available.  The one doesn’t necessarily come at the expense of the other.  The option of online accessibility is especially important in a country like the USA, where instant gratification meets absolute comfort is at the order of the day; even down to the way we entertain ourselves.

The prominence of an increase in online gambling, and the move from land-based casino gambling to casino gambling online, especially in the USA, is evident from the increase in revenue in this particular market.

Constant New Developments By Developers In The USA

Developers in and for the USA are constantly introducing new games and exciting new promotions via casino gambling online sites.  These developers are seeking to keep regular players coming back for more, as well as entice new players with new games and exciting incentives to get them playing.  Players in the USA truly are spoilt for choice.  This creates a showground for pushing the limits of creativity, in order to keep game content fresh, entertaining and more than anything, rewarding.

Classic Games – Gateway To A World Of New Players

Despite our yearning for new and fresh games to play, it is the old familiars that get us hooked on playing in land based casinos as well as on casino gambling online sites in the first place.  It may not be a question of playing mainly for social stimulation and interaction anymore – especially not when playing online – but the social lure of playing a game at a table with other players definitely is a defining factor in what keeps us playing.  In short: we’ve learnt to play the game, made a positive connection with the experience, perhaps even deem ourselves to be skilled at it, and have started to now play the game for the game’s sake.

Bingo, Poker And Blackjack – USA Heritage

Bingo may have started out as a Lottery game in Italy and Blackjack and Poker may very well have originated from the French, but these games have been assimilated into USA Heritage, more prominently so during the 19th and 20th Centuries.  One has only to turn on a classic American movie channel to become acutely aware of this.  Every Tarentino film has a Poker table, and the game of Bingo has even had an entire film made in its honour.

It is then no wonder at all that we actively seek out any and every trace of a possibility to connect with the old favourites, whether it be in person in a land based casino, or in the shape of a virtual persona whilst engaging in casino gambling online.