Mildura Cup

The Mildura Cup Horse Race

When it comes to online horse betting, there are certain local and international horse races that stand out from the rest. In Australia, there are a number of horse races that dominate the annual race calendar. For most people the Mildura Cup is certainly a racing highlight and is considered to be one of the great races in the Australian racing calendar.

If you are not familiar with Australian horse racing betting, Mildura is a city located in Victoria Australia. The city forms part of the Sunraysia region and is nestled on the banks of the Murray River. This is the ideal spot for the Midura race club, a top-class racing track where many of the major Australian horse races are held.

The Mildura Race Track

If you are a keen horse racing enthusiast, you will know that the track plays a major role in how a race is run. The Mildura Cup is held at the Midura racecourse, considered to be one of the best tracks in Australia. The track itself has a total circumference of 1765 meters with a home straight of 390 meters.

The track has a level surface and is approximately 15 meters wide where the widest part of the track is the straight which opens up to approximately 20 meters at its widest. For those who are a stickler for details, the soil type is loamy and the track is well grassed and fully irrigated. The turns are well-cambered which means that spectators can enjoy a thrilling race from start to finish.

Racing Highlights

The Mildura Race Club conducts 11 racing events each year during the Australian racing calendar. Some of the biggest racing events at the club include the Mildura Cup and the much anticipated Melbourne Cup Carnival festival. In addition, the club hosts special racing meets as well as mid-week and Saturday Racing.

The Mildura Cup, which is a highlight on the racing calendar, is held in May each year. The cup attracts visitors from all over the country and includes festivities, entertainment, Fashion on the Field, and more. The race itself is a 1400 meter race with the horses and jockey’s put to the test in front of a massive crowd. The good news for online betting enthusiast is that the Cup is open to online betting.

Mildura Cup Betting

Betting on the Mildura Cup is the perfect opportunity for local and international horse racing fans to place some quality online bets. As with most major horse races, the Mildura race offers bettors a wide variety of standard and exotic bets to choose from. For those who are new to racing betting, the easiest bet to start with is a straight win bet. This means that all you have to do is pick which horse you think will win the race.

For those bettors who are more experienced and have extensive knowledge of the Australian horses, a wide range of exotic bets are available. The Midura Cup is a fun day for the whole family with entertainment and food and racing happening throughout the day.