Loose Deuces multihand

About Loose Deuces Multihand Version

Along with the single hand game, Realtime Gaming developed the Loose Deuces multihand version which follows the same rules but allows multiple hands to be played simultaneously. The multihand games come in three hand, ten hand, fifty two hand and one hundred hand games. All the deuce cards are the wilds that substitute for any card to create winning poker hands, which makes the minimum paying combination a three of a kind.

The Loose Deuce Poker Hand Rankings

Loose Deuces multihand online video poker makes use of the usual poker hands including those speciality ones that contain a wild deuce card. The royal flush is the highest ranking poker hand; up next is the four deuce hand; then the wild royal deuce which is a standard royal flush with a wild deuce; the five of a kind is any matching four cards with a deuce; straight flush; four of a kind; a full house; flush; straight and lastly any three of a kind.

The Betting Range and Pay Outs

One to five coins are placed on each hand. The hands must all have the same bet. Each coin has an adjustable value which can be anything from a denomination of 0.01 up to a denomination of 1.00 making 5.00 the maximum bet allowed per Loose Deuces multihand hand.

Having a hand containing a royal flush pays out the highest amount of up to 4 000 coins when the maximum bet of five coins is in play. The next highest pay out is for four of the deuce cards where the amount won is up to 2 500 coins for a five coin bet. The rest of the poker valued cards pay out amounts ranging from 1 coin up 2 000 coins when one to five coin bets are place.

Rules of the Loose Deuces Game

Each hand is dealt from an individual deck of fifty two cards. The initial Loose Deuces multihand hand is dealt five cards face up. Any of the five cards that either already form a poker hand or have the potential to do so should be held by clicking on them. The remaining selection of cards will then be discarded and replaced by clicking on the draw button. All of the additional hands will have the same selection of cards that were held but all open spaces will be dealt from individual decks to make up five card hands. Any winning poker hands held in any of the hands will be tallied and paid out according to the Loose Deuces multihand pay table. Only the highest valued poker combination per hand will be paid out.

Double up the Winning Amounts

The game features a double or nothing bonus round where any winning amount can be double up. The bonus game is played by choosing one of four face down cards which must reveal itself to be of a higher value than the dealer’s visible card. A higher valued card will double the winnings but a lower valued card will result in the winnings being forfeited.