Football betting

Football Betting

Placing a wager on a game of football or soccer in New Zealand is a popular pastime for much of the New Zealand population. The country has a national team, as well as various smaller teams that play games throughout the year.  The national team plays international matches both at home and at other venues in other countries, all of which punters from New Zealand love to wager upon.

Football betting in New Zealand is conducted online, as well as more traditionally at the actual stadium or game.  There are a number of different types of bets that one can place on a football match, ranging from simple bets for beginners too much more complicated bets with higher payouts.

Online Football Betting

The New Zealand tab has the legal monopoly over all betting in the country including online.  Legally there are no local New Zealand sites that offer football betting, although many international sites offer wagering on most of the games.  International sites accept punters from New Zealand, sometimes even offering them incentives to join them. Although technically it’s not allowed, punters from New Zealand face no legal ramifications when joining international online betting sites in order to partake in football betting.

Every online site is different, and many of them offer not only different odds but different incentives for new members as well. Shopping around is thus always in your best interest when looking for a site.

Many sites that accept football betting in New Zealand can easily be found using your search engine and regular web browser. To begin, make sure that your Internet connection is stable, and enter Football Betting into your search engine. A large number of sites will come up, which may be confusing to first time punters.

To help you choose, reading reviews from other members as well as other online sites on may be useful. Be careful who you put money with, and don’t just sign up with the first site that takes your fancy without being entirely sure beforehand.

Betting Terminology

Football betting is full of different terminology, involving both the actual bets themselves as well as the actual sport of football or soccer.  Becoming familiar with this terminology will help not only to make you sound more professional, but also help you to understand exactly what is involved in the wager and the nuances of the game at soccer betting sites. Become familiar with terms such as a trifecta, quinella and prop bet on the betting side, and out of bounds and offside from the game side. The more knowledge you have, more likely you are to place a successful wager.

Prop Bets

Prop bets, or proposition beds, are bet involving the soccer game that may be more elite or specific than other types of bets such as a win or double.  If you are new to football betting, t may be a good idea to possibly stay away from prop bets until you have a complete understanding of how they work in relation to the game on which you are wagering.

Prop bets can alternatively be a fun way of putting money on a game without having to bet on the actual outcome.  These bets can be bet on anything, ranging from whether a player will take off his shirt to whether it will rain during the match, or even if one of the teams will score a home goal. These wagers can be fun with a group of mates who are not that interested are the actual outcome of the game as they have not been following the football season too closely.