FINA World Championships

FINA World Championships Online Betting Tips and Strategy

Swimming and the online betting that accompanies it have become wildly popular in the past few years, with more punters getting plugged into the game after Michael Phelps’ extraordinary eight consecutive gold medal wins in the Olympic Games that took place in 2008. Modern training methods have really helped these athletes reach and beat record times, and, with this many world records being broken this often, betting on events like the FINA World Championships is becoming far more common, and is something more and more punters are starting to explore.

FINA World Championships Odds and Wagers at Online Bookmakers

The main type of bet that punters make during events like the FINA World Championships are those known as moneylines, and these are also sometimes referred to as a straight-up bet. Essentially, these bets have the punter predicting who will end up winning the race. Punters are able to bet on any athlete, and the oddsmakers will be able to help them choose a swimmer by giving them information on who is being held as the favourite to win.

Although betting on the favourite to win does hold less of a payout for punters than wagering on the underdog does, the chances of bettors being correct is higher in the first case than it is in the latter, and so the lower odds are offset by the increased chance of a win. Some punters even this disadvantage out by laying a bet on both the favourite and a couple of other swimmers, including the underdog, and are thus able to increase their chances of a payout overall, while taking advantage of bets boasting higher and lower odds simultaneously.

Punters are also able to lay other types of online sports bets during swimming events like the FINA World Championships, like fastest time, or fastest lap, and the array of these available will really depend on the online bookmaker the punters has chosen to sign up for an account with.

Great Swimming Events Happening All Year Round

While the bigger swimming events like the FINA World Championships do not occur frequently, there are smaller meets that punters are able to lay their wagers on if they wish to happening all around the world all year long. Thanks to how popular this sport and wagering on it is becoming, not only are more events being televised for spectators to enjoy, but more markets are emerging in order for punters’ demands to be met by online bookmakers.

The bigger events, like the Olympics; FINA World Championships; and European Championships, do see a surge in betting, however, and punters looking for great deals; promotional offers; and odds comparisons will find their best results during these periods if they do their research properly. The FINA World Championships is a five-day event, which takes place all across the world and has swimmers from a variety of different countries competing against one another, and is a particular favourite with punters thanks to the excellent winning opportunities it makes available over a relatively long period.