Davis Cup

The Davis Cup Tennis Tournament

Described as the World Cup of tennis, the Davis Cup is an annual men’s tennis tournament contested between teams from all around the world. The tournament is run by the International Tennis Federation with players competing at home and away in a knock-out format. The woman’s equivalent is known as the Fed Cup and follows the same format.  The winners of the tournament are crowned the as the World Champion team with the USA holding the most titles since its inception.

The origins of the Davis Cup date back to 1899 when four members the Harvard University tennis team thought it would be a great idea to challenge the British to a full-on tennis competition. Dwight F. Davis took on the role as tournament organiser, designing the format and appropriating a sterling silver trophy for the winning team. The first competition was officially held in 1900 and has been running ever since. The current champions are Great Britain who won in 2015 after 79 years after they last held the trophy.

The Tournament Format

The Davis Cup is open to all competing nations around the world. All nations are split into zones which compete at home and away in order to place inside the World Group consisting of 16 teams. The competition is held over four weekends throughout the year with teams competing in a best of 5 matches in the knock-out phase. Teams which manage to make it to the final 16 World Group phase play a four round elimination tournament with each team seeded according to ITF rankings.

Teams that win their opening round matches in the World Group stage automatically qualify for the World Group the next year. The teams that lose their opening round matches drop out into the next group to compete for a top spot. The competition culminates with a grand final between the top two teams in the tournament. The winning team receives the Davis Cup trophy and is crowned as the tennis World Champion Team.

Davis Cup Tennis Bets

The Davis Cup offers plenty of mobile tennis betting action for both seasoned and new bettors. At the start of the tournament, bettors can place bets on which teams will make it through to the World Group stage. This involves betting on a specific country to make it into the final 16 teams. The top-ranked teams in the competition are the USA, Australia, Great Britain and France. Once the completion is under way, bettors can place bets on individual matches with players playing on home soil and away.

As well as placing individual match bets, there are a full list of tennis bets that can be placed in the Davis Cup that you might call exotic bets. Placing an exotic bet requires a lot of research and knowledge about the players and the sport. Some of the most commonly placed exotic bets include bets on which player will score the first ace in the match, who will win the first set, how many sets will be played in total and if the set will go to a tie-breaker.