Best Betting Sites

Deciding On The Best Betting Sites

With so many new online bookmakers appearing in New Zealand, it can be a bit overwhelming. All the websites are promising the best deals and most generous odds, but how does one really decide on the best betting sites?

Let’s have a look at a few essential factors that you should keep in mind before deciding to commit your money to a bookmaker.

Keep in mind, however, that the best bookmaker for you will very much depend on your own personal preferences, and the particular sports you choose to bet on.

Customer Service Is King

A website can offer all the best deals, most astonishing bargains, and even offer a selection of sports wide enough to cover an ocean, but if that website doesn’t look after its customers it is all but worthless. The best betting sites not only offer 24 hour a day customer support, but will have a live chat function as well for maximum convenience. After all, who wants to have to contact customer support via email, without any idea of when that email will be answered? Customer support should be instant.

Before being lured into an online bookmaker by their promise of amazing bargains, try getting in touch with their customer support centre and see how long it takes. It’s the ultimate test to see how you will be treated when you have an active account. Is there a live call centre for the support system, that can be reached by telephone if it’s an emergency? Is it just email? Is there a live chat option? A chat option should be available at the very least, and if you type a message into that chat box you should be getting a response in seconds.

Loyalty Programmes

The best betting sites will have a loyalty programme that makes you feel like you are their most valued customer. Loyalty points should be given for every visit you pay to the website, with upcoming rewards clearly displayed. Rewards should be given for any time you spend at the website, even if you are not actively placing bets. After all, your time is valuable, and you should be compensated for your sports betting NZ punts.

The best betting sites will give extra loyalty points for bets placed, as well as bets won or lost. Also, rewards given for loyalty points should have a high value that keeps getting higher the longer you stay with the website.

Sports Selection

The best betting sites should cover as many sports as possible, including the less mainstream ones. It’s great to have the most popular sports displayed on the homepage, but if you decide you would like to experiment with a less mainstream sport, it should be available without having to leave the website.

Note that ESports are also becoming extremely popular, and that the best betting sites will offer ESports betting for all the most popular games. The game selection should be kept up to date as the genre evolves and new games are introduced.