AFL best bets

AFL Best Bets

Australian Football League – or AFL – is the game of football played according to Australian rules.  The game has come a long way since evolving from the original Victorian Rules in the 1870’s.

Each team accumulates a total of four points for every match won during a season, and two points in the event of a match ending in a tie.  Match postponements are rare events, with the most popular postponement in history probably being the death of King Edward VII in 1910.

AFL best bets are no doubt major AFL events.  Major events are the feature bets of bookmakers availing their sites to punters from New Zealand and the world as a whole.  Various bet types can be placed on these events, including live bets due to the extensive live media coverage enjoyed.   Punters from New Zealand do not have to travel all the way to Australia in order to place a bet field-side, but can do so from the comfort of their own homes.

AFL Best Bets: Bet Types

Bet types popular among punters from New Zealand and Australia include Head to Head betting, handicap and points betting, margin betting, over and under betting, player bets, doubles, scorecards, tri-bet betting, quarter-by-quarter bets, multis and futures betting.

AFL Head To Head Betting

This is the simplest form of betting on hand – predicting who the winning team will be.  Bookmakers generally determine head to head odds on mobile AFL betting according to popular opinion, as well as the estimations of the experts.  Head to head bets can also be wagered on who the leading team will be at half-time, quarter-time and three-quarter-time.

Margin Bets

The more exact the prediction of the margin that any team is expected to win by, the higher wager and ultimate payout.  AFL best bets margins include: Team A to win by between 1 and 39 points, Team A to win by 40 or more points – with the same applying to Team B, Team A or Team B to win by between 1 and 24 points, or team A or B to win by 25 or more points.  The margins grow even more precise as the bets increase in value.

Player Bets

Player bets are popular among New Zealand punters.  These include predicting which player will score the most goals, be the first player to score a goal in a match, etc.

Doubles Betting

With doubles betting, punters are able to place more than one bet type on any given match.  More than one outcome is predicted, but both outcomes need to be achieved in order to constitute a winning bet. A typical combination would be to predict that Team A will be the winner of the match, and a player from Team A will be the first to score a goal.

AFL Premier Betting

AFL best bets include predicting the winner of a premiership, teams making it to the top 4 teams in the chosen premiership, teams to make it into the top 8 and of course, wagering on who the underdogs (or Wooden Spoon Winners) are likely to be.