The A-League

Australia and New Zealand are mostly known for their rugby and cricket, but soccer is a sport that is growing in popularity there as well. The A-League is a soccer league, which is made up of teams from both countries, and plays a number of matches throughout the season culminating in a final. Most of the teams are from Australia, although one or two are from the island nation of New Zealand.

The A-League is quite avidly followed by punters form around the globe, not just in the countries that host it. Punters are able to place a variety of bets on the games as well as the teams via online betting sites.

Head To Head Or Win Bets

The most obvious and most simplistic of the bets which can be placed on an A-League game is a head to head bet. This is also called a win bet or a money line bet in other parts of the world. This is a basic bet on which team will win a match. Odds and handicaps don’t feature here; it is simply calculated on the final score. A head to head or a win bet is a great bet for beginners to the betting world as well as even to the game of soccer. You don’t need to know the intricacies of the game to place this bet, just the outcome.

Handicaps or Point Spreads

Handicaps are something, which are put in place by bookies, and have no actual bearing on the physical result of the game. These handicaps are designed to encourage betting on both teams in a game, even if one team is quite obviously the stronger one. For example, Team A is a much better team than Team B. They have beaten Team B on a number of occasions, and their players are known to be superior. At some stage in the A-League games Team A and Team b come up against each other for great soccer online betting action.

Obviously people will bet on Team A to win, which makes things very lopsided at the bookies. Thus the bookies place a point handicap on Team A, essentially starting them on minus points. If Team A begins with a point spread of minus three, they will have to beat Team B by at least three points. If the final score is two nil to team A, they have not fulfilled the point spread or handicap requirements, and Team B wins on the bookies books.

Totals Betting or Under/Over Betting

This is an increasingly popular form of wagering. Here a bookie will decide what he thinks the final score of both teams are going to be, and add them together. You then need to guess if the actual score will be higher or lower than what the bookie predicted.

Futures Betting

Futures betting is best left to those who have been following the A-League very closely, and know exactly how each team and player performs. This is a bet that is made at the beginning of the season on who may win the entire A-League. A futures bet has the potential to be very lucrative as it is one of the hardest wagers to get right.

To be successful at this you need to know which teams plays well against which, and how the players are likely to play throughout the season. As no one can predict the future such as injuries, it makes for rather nail biting betting.